Saturday, March 12, 2011

Cake balls!!!

There has been this new crave called Cake Balls!!! I have seen them in local bakeries and they look good but I like a big ol piece a cake with just a little icing. They will have these decorated little balls covered with icing and some sprinkles. It wasn't until I went to Michael's Crafts and saw this new section of items for cake balls, candy balls, brownie pops. OMG!! They make all sorts of these crazy little animals and cute little characters out of cake balls!! Now that I like!! There was a sign up sheet for Miss A's St patrick's party and thought this was my chance to use these poor kids as guinea pigs to my cake ball experiment!! So I bought a book, some sticks, and Miss A was with me and just had to have the eyeballs. As we drive home Miss A tells me there are no St Patricks day cake balls in the book. WHAT?? So I go to my source of all sources for direction and guidance...EL GOOGLE!!! Ummmm still not much. Lots for Easter already but they are still pretty new. I finally found some leprechaun hats and was satisfied. I was satisfied...Miss A wanted a leprechaun. So out of a brownie pop mold I made upside down leprechaun hats and dipped them in green candy melts. I used black and yellow icing for brim and buckle. They were very soft and the candy melts did not quite get thin enough in the Wilton Candy melter. Now the leprechaun experiment. I did the traditional cake ball method of baking cake in a 13x9 pan, you then crumble and add a 1/2 cup of icing to help the crumbs stick. You form balls with your hands, chill, add stick and then dip. Again the candy melt never got thin enough so may need to google to see if I can thin it out somehow. I used white candy melts, made green little hats out of fondant and again black & yellow icing for brim and buckle. I used a grass tip with orange icing for leprechaun hair. Alexa placed the hats on top of their heads, did the nose and mouth and helped place all the eyeballs! I never ate one because I was scared...haha. But the guinea pigs...umm I mean the kids and teachers said they were good and there was only one left out of 24!! haha

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  1. is the lady that invented cake pops. she is brilliant, i have her book! and i sell cake pops in my town like crazy! over valentines day i sold enough to buy myself a brand new kitchenaid 5qt mixer!!! they're fantastic and everyone LOVES them!