Sunday, August 12, 2012

Shower of Good Wishes and Good Cake!

I had the absolute pleasure to create a bridal shower cake today. I didn't know the bride but I had the opportunity to get to know her best friend in the planning of the cake. She is absolutely fabulous and has great taste. Just so grateful she trusted me with this special cake. The bottom layer was red velvet cake with white chocolate filing and the top layer was chocolate with a strawberry filling. Of course the outside was buttercream. Pink fondant pearls around the base of both cakes. The bridal dress was made of a corset style bodice with edible sparkle dust, a pink bouquet of flowers with pearl centers, and the skirted part of the dress was ruffled rose petals that were cut out and shaped individually and dusted with a hint of shimmer dust. Miss Alexa said someday when she gets married she wants a cake just like this! haha...I hope I have at least 20 years or so!!! Ha ha!

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