Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Whale of a good time!

Second day of school and Miss A is having a blast with her new friends. She doesn't exactly remember all their names but she can identify all the cute hair accessories and shoes her friends are wearing!! haha! That's my girl!!! So today in honor of fun in the sun and summer we have a whale sandwich with ham and provolone cheese. The whale tale is not attached because it is the edges of the bread. The whale tale piece is a strawberry jelly sandwich. The whale is afloat a blueberry ocean amongst an orange baked Cheetos sunset sky! hee hee....yeah...I am really that corny.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Summer lovin....

Hello everyone! It has been a nice little summer break for Miss A. Today was the first day of school which means Bento Lunches are back!!!! With only a few more days left of summer we thought we would make that our theme. We have a crescent crab turkey sandwich with candy eyes and a cheese smile. We have some apple slices topped with a fruit roll up beach ball. We also have some strawberries and tomatoes with a cheese sand pail and bucket. Of course you must have some goldfish...well...technically they are parmesan fish. Ha! Miss A is so happy to be back in school and we are excited about another year of crazy bento's!! Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Long time no see!!

Soooo I want to thank everyone for the inquiries about where the heck I have been!!! Haha. Well Miss A is done with summer camps and does not start school until August 29th so she has three weeks off. During this time she stays one week with each grandma and one with her Aunt V and Cousin D! This week is Aunt V week so she has a little playmate all week which is so much fun for her. I started back to work last Monday and Mighty Max is with the fabulous Miss Shari his sitter. So sadly...no bentos, no food play, and no special cakes or cookies lately. BUT...hoping to squeeze in some fun cupcakes or something!! I did have one opportunity this weekend to make Miss A a lunch....so for now this is all I have. It was quick, easy and a nice little surprise for Miss A. She even told me she missed my fun food and our time together. :( We have a hot dog butterfly with provolone cheese wings. The wings are adorned with carrot shavings and grapes! She ate...well ALL of it and even a few more hundred grapes!!! haha. I will be back in full force soon...have no fear!!! Miss A has been collecting her ideas!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Camping we will go...

I had a good friend who suggested I do a camping Bento...but since Miss A does not take her lunch for summer camps we just have food play. So this was her pizza camping themed plate! We have pizza for a tent with a black olive door. A fabulous campfire out of cheese with pizza crust logs! hee hee.. We have some cheese stars and a shooting star per her request. We also have a beautiful mandarin orange moon!

The second pic was a very poor attempt to do an Alice in Wonderland themed lunch. I had good intentions but honestly...I was about to starve to death!!! I started working out to burn off this baby weight and I am so darn hungry all the time!! I go back to work next week and I really don't want to be wearing a muumuu with heels and a suit jacket! So we have a sad little mad hatter sandwich and rabbit sandwich with a clock. So lame it did not even deserve it's own post...*sniff *sniff. We will have to try again later.