Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sleeping Beauty.....

Back to the Disney Princess theme in honor of our trip to Disneyland for Miss A! This is of course the oh so fabulous Aurora, aka "Sleeping Beauty". I learned from my first princess, Jasmine to fuse the pieces together. Alexa was very disappointed that she could not make out Jasmine on Monday. SOOOO I used all cheese, cheese background (instead of tortilla) and fused it just a tad in microwave by melting her whole face together!! haha. Anyway...there you have her. Cheese princess, fruit roll up eyes and nose and a twizzler mouth. I have ham as the top of her dress. It is hard to see her crown but I had no other colors of cheese! She is laying on a bed of rice...haha...get it? Laying? Sleeping beauty?? Anyway, I have some tomatoes, grapes and a few sliced pepperoni to the side! My child hates pepperoni pizza but if you put it cold in her bento box she will eat it! The power of the Bento Box!! I am telling you it works!!!!

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