Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ariel....Miss A's fav!

The Little Mermaid is one of Miss A's favorite movies and princesses. So she took a heavy interest to assure I did not mess this one up. To make sure it stays together, but not melt the face so much it looks scary. Soooo miss smarty pants said I should make hair out of her strawberry tie dye fruit roll up, her top out of grapes (I passed on the grapes because honestly she would have looked like a porn star...not toddler appropriate!!! ha!). So for her top I used lettuce instead. I started to cut out her lips and eyes and Alexa stopped me and asked why don't I use a picture??? WHAT?? A picture?? Shameful!! Then I started thinking of how many Bento Boxes in Japan use rice paper or fish paste with characters already printed out on them. Alexa would never eat rice paper or fish paste, so how would that be cheating? Okay...maybe a little but I don't want to scare Alexa and she will only peel the hair off and eat that anyway!! Sooo YES...the eyes, nose and mouth are a small print out of her face! Oh well...maybe tomorrow I can convince her to give me a second chance!! We then have some lovely peas, blueberries, snap peas with fish cheese accents!! Ariel is sitting on provolone cheese that sits atop a heart shaped sandwich of ham and cheese. You cannot see the heart shape sandwich very well because that girl Ariel has some big hair!! So hopefully everyone is not disappointed that everything is not edible...for shame...I know. Oh well...there is always tomorrow!!!

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