Sunday, March 6, 2011

Chocolate Topsy Turvy...

This weekend I had the pleasure of making a fabulous cake for a very fashionable little girl. I have never done a fondant covered cake and especially a chocolate fondant cake. Of course this was technically the second cake, the first cake had an accident. I had to deliver the cake Friday evening so I made all the pieces slowly during the week. Then Thursday late night I finished the my drawing shows the cake fell! People kept asking what happened so thought I would show my funny drawing!!! haha. Soooo around 2am I started the second cake and worked until wee hours of the morning, got in a cat nap, went to work, and then came home and finished it up! BUT I must say it turned out pretty good! The purse is fondant and rice krispy treat, the sunglasses and perfume bottle were done with my cricut cake along with the flowers. The first cake had hand cut flowers, but did not survive so the second set of flowers on this cake and the precious little girls name was done on the cricut cake cutter. I must say it was quite easy and fast!! Next week I have a motorcycle cake so I am looking forward to that!!! Not to mention Miss A's Bento Box lunches this week. We leave for Disneyland in a week so this weeks theme is of course Disney Princesses!!!

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