Friday, March 11, 2011


Well today is the last day of the Disney Princess homage before our trip to Disneyland! There are many princess to choose from but we decided to dedicate this one to my hubby, Miss A's daddy...Hungry Hank. We are getting our house ready to sell and this morning they are taking pictures so last night was "GO TIME". I of course cannot just do one thing at a time so I took on 3 projects: Bento Box for Alexa, Cake Balls for the first time for Alexa's St Patrick's Preschool Party, and also de-clutter and clean house for pictures this morning! Yeah...I am crazy! One night a week Hungry Hank plays soccer with friends and last night was his night. BUT with all he had to move and help clean (since I am preggo, my list is dwindling on what I can and cannot do) I assumed he was not going to go. I saw his soccer bag by the door and the moral of the story is...he got ALL HIS CHORES DONE! So Cinderelly was able to go to the ball...I mean soccer game!! haaha. Alexa and I had a good laugh calling him Cinderella and that is when we knew the Bento had to be Cinderella!!! Corkscrew pasta with alfredo atop a Provolone portrait of Cinderella. Also for first time I painted cheese blue with edible food coloring!! I could not think of one blue food I could use for Cinderella's dress or headband so I improvised! We also have some ham and cheese rolls, black olives and corn! Happy Friday everyone!!

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