Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's Caveman Crawl time!!!

If you have not experienced a Caveman Production race as of yet, then you are missing out on tons of fun and you definitely need to sign up! The Caveman Crawl is on June 18th and is a family adventure race and event. The Caveman Xtreme is an adult "rock your world" adventure race in the fall. Sign up is starting now for the Caveman Crawl which is just an hour outside the metroplex and sooo worth the short drive for a great time!! Miss A has her dance recital this same day and I will have a newborn but our family will definitely make an appearance!!! We wouldn't miss it for anything!!
So today's bento is in honor of this amazing race! We have an appropriate chicken leg with a foil handle (Alexa is a lady who does not get her hands dirty! ha) along with soome tomato dinosaur eggs. Mr. Caveman himself sits atop a piece of bread and is made from cheese, marshmallow and fruit roll up! We also have a side of fresh strawberries and a rice krispy treat with a brontsaurus on top of it out of fondant and a marshmallow eye.
Hope to see you June 18th!

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