Friday, September 30, 2011


Somewhere over the rainbow is the theme of today!! We have a fried rice backdrop with some sweet and sour chicken clouds and a cheese rainbow. Then we have a blueberry sky with an orange mandarin sun. Ummm the edamame are a cluster of birds!! haha. Okay...maybe that is reaching a bit!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!! Stay tuned for the blog entry of the cake I am making this weekend!!! SOOO EXCITING!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hello Kitty....

Hellooooo to Hello Kitty! So Miss A has used this bento box from day one. We got it from the Asian market in Plano at this little store. We thought we would use the box as our inspiration. So we have a turkey sandwich with a Hello Kitty fashioned out of cheese and fruit roll up!! We also have some blueberries, goldfish, and honey nut cheerios! A bunch of snack foods, some of Miss A's fav!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Flower garden...

Today was leftover day!! One of my easy days!! haha. We have some chicken rice adorned with cheese flowers and butterflies. We also have some cornbread with a cheese sun and some grapes. Wow...that was like two sentences!! That was quick!! Ummmmm not much else to say....have a great one!!! hahaha!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Duck duck peace...

Well today I redeemed myself after Monday's sad little face. Today we went with a few of Miss A's favorite things.....Cheetos and blueberries. We added a turkey sandwich with a cheese duck holding a flower peace offering!!! Provolone cheese duck with american cheese bill and feet. Black olive eyes and the flower is also cheese. She had a great day today and her lunch fell upside down but the duck was still in tact! WOO HOO!! (I am not going to lie...the Cheetos in this picture are quite neon...I think the artificial preservatives were in full glow mode today! HAHA!)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Tabby Kitty and a Flop Face...

Miss A has her bday in October and many of her friends all have their bdays around the same time. So we are in birthday season!!! We have at least 2 sometimes 4 each weekend until November. Yowza! So in preparation for the birthday weekend I forgot to post Friday's bento. Oopsie! So I have Friday and Monday's bento together.

Friday was a cute little tabby kitty cat sandwich on wheat bread with colby/american cheese whiskers and face. We have some chips, lima beans, and grapes.

For Monday sadly....Miss A was tired so I quickly put her lunch together. She wanted pasta with butter and parmesan cheese. So with that in the thermos I have to be creative with the we have a sad attempt of a face. Turkey smile, outlined with green beans. Tomato eyes, grape nose and hair along with blueberry cheeks. Yeah....she did not like it because he was not smiling big enough!!! She only likes smiling faces so she was not to impressed....haha. So my face was a flop...*sniff *sniff.

She put her arm around me when I picked her up from school and told me the face was not her favorite. She said she will help me tomorrow!! haha. Kind of like when you were little and your mom made you wash/dry dishes. You break a plate or two and all of sudden you don't have to do it anymore!! haha. Well...not exactly like that but at least I get my creative kid back!!! See you tomorrow!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Here come the clowns...

Well it is more day and it will be the weekend. This has been a long work week but the weekend will be so appreciated!!! For today's bento we took a cue from one of Miss A's favorite Nickelodeon shows....The Backyardigans. It was an episode about a clown. I must say there were two movies I saw as a young child that almost ruined clowns for me, but for miss A she still finds a smile and joy in clowns. She wanted boiled eggs so we have two happy clowns with jelly bean noses and fun hat picks. The eyes and mouth were drawn on by FoodWriter markers. We also have some mandarin oranges and green beans! So easy a clown could do it! haha.

A Shark Tale.... (a tale of woe....)

Who is this smiling adorable child you say?

Well boys and girls let me start at the beginning...

For Wednesday morning Miss A decided she wanted something more daring and dangerous for her lunch. So we put our heads together and decided on an ocean theme. Not just any ordinary ocean theme; one with a shark in it!! So we decided on a shark sandwich coming out of the ocean and gobbling up goldfish! Then two octo-hot-dogs with funny hats and smiling faces to balance the scary shark. It was amazing I must say...
Well this cute little child pictured is my nephew. A handsome rambunctious little child with an infectious smile!!! His birthday is coming up and he wants a shark themed birthday party. So I had an opportunity to see him and show him Miss A's shark lunch picture on my phone. He was sooooo excited! So excited in fact that he kept my phone and just marveled in the artistic glow and technique...ok....maybe a little to far. Let's just say he really liked it. He liked it so much he kept coming back to it over and over. Zooming in and zooming out until somehow...someway. (Hope you are sitting down for this one) HE ERASED IT!!!!!!
So this artistic masterpiece is now sleeping with the fishes!!!! (hee hee)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Elephant love....

Miss A found a picture of a bento similar to this one on the computer and she loved it because she said it was us!! It was a mommy and baby elephant. Soooooo how could I refuse!!! So we have a quesadilla mommy elephant and a provolone baby elephant. I added the spinach leaves for effect...she said she tried to eat one, but no go. We also added pretzels, tomatoes and some strawberry apple sauce. She loves edamame so I wanted to see if she would try this new green food....lima beans! I did not tell her what they were I just stuck them in there. When I picked her up from school she asked what those green things were in her lunch box. She said they tasted better then edamame because they were buttery!! WOO HOO!!!! When we got in the car she finished the last 4 she left in her lunch box. Doesn't get any better than that folks!! Have a great one!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Miss A is a Hoot!

Well for a monday Miss A made it super easy for me. She took over completely and made her whole lunch by herself!! The only think I helped her with was finding the grapes that weren't "icky"! So this little sandwich is on wheat bread with both turkey and ham. It has american and provolone cheese eyes. The nose is also cheese and there are black olives for his eyes and feet. This hootie hoot sits atop a branch of green beans and is surrounded by a night sky of deep purple grapes!! hee heee.....I crack myself up. She is a genius!! What can I say!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011


Hope everyone had a great Friday. So ready for the weekend. Had a great evening with the family. Always an adventure. Our new hometown of Prosper, TX was playing my old hometown of Bridgeport, TX. My nephew was in the band of my old hometown so we all went to see him, but it rained, and rained, and rained. So no band. Then lightning hit a transformer right by our house and we had no lights for about 2 hours. BUT all in all we had some sonic food and wine by candlelight and it was a great night! The lights finally came on (along with the internet course), and it was a night of family fun and laughs. So without further ado I give you Friday's fun with Babybel bento.....a wedding theme. Yes...Miss A is obsessed with who is she is going to marry and when. So we did a tux and dress babybel along with a wedding cake sandwich. We have some tomatoes, grapes, and blueberries. I also threw in a pretzel, red cabbage, and carrot topper. Yeah...she didn't eat the topper but she did say she tried the red cabbage! ha! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pirate Babybel

Still having fun with Miss A's favorite cheese...Babybel. Today we have a pirate babybel with black olive eye patch and eyes. We have a pirate ship sandwich with pretzel masts and cheese sails. A few chips for the billowy clouds and an ocean of blueberries!!! :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Angry Birds!!!

Well I must say this one is pretty awesome! Even after having my wisdom teeth out yesterday I could not help but be happy and smile about Miss A's bento theme today!!! ANGRY BIRDS!!!! Miss A's daddy is a huge fan of Angry Birds so he had immense fun doing the red angry bird babybel himself. He used provolone cheese for eyes, black olives for the hair, eyes, and tail. Then he used american cheese for the beak. Then we had a turkey yellow angry bird sandwich. Triangle sandwich with american cheese on top. I also used black olives and provolone cheese for the eyes and hair. I used a colby/cheddar cheese for the eyebrows and beak. Then we added some parmesan goldfish and some grapes!! SUPER FUN! Definitely one of my all time favorites!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Babybel Ladybug!

Miss A has a fondness for Babybel cheese! So this week we decided to play with the Babybel cheeses and make them the focal point. So we have some flower sandwiches cut with a cookie cutter and a babybel cheese that looks like a ladybug. We have some mandarin oranges and her favorite potato chips. This was her lunch on Monday, sadly Tuesday's lunch (today) I did not get a picture. I was having issues with my wisdom teeth and they had to take them out this week quite urgently. So this morning I was in some pain and not thinking too clearly! She had some fabulous butter noodles, rolled turkey on picks, blackberries and cherry tomatoes. Definitely quite easy! So I am writing now to you my friends on pain pills and puffy cheeks....hope this post even makes sense! HAHAHA!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Pizza Pizza!

Last night was a lazy night so we decided to order pizza. Which means....LEFTOVERS! So for Miss A's lunch today we had cheese and black olive pizza faces. She does not eat the crust anyway so I used a big round cookie cutter and made faces! A brother and a sister denoted by the hat and bow pick. The eyes and mouth are provolone and american cheeses. We added some corn and red raspberries and voila! Super easy lunch!! Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Shooting for the stars....

Miss A is always looking for shooting stars. That is her one wish every night. Sadly the sassy little thing cannot sit still long enough to see one. Not to mention she is also scared of the dark. Soooo we will give her the stars and shooting stars in her lunch! So we have a shooting star turkey sandwich with a colby & cheddar cheese star and tail. We have some blackberries surrounding it for the night sky and green beans because...well...we need a veggie. Then a crisp golden friend beautiful lays potato chip moon!!! haha!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

For the love of pasta....

Miss A has been more hungry then creative this week. I mean that in a positive light. Being in preschool full time now after a long summer break has her super excited, super tired, and super hungry!! So today we have some wheat pasta with alfredo garlic sauce in her thermos to stay all nice and warm. We also have some blackberries and cherry tomatoes. Then using her favorite heart picks we have some rolled up turkey!!! Simple, clean and oh so yummy!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This little piggy...

Hope everyone had a great weekend. We enjoyed a fabulous 3 day holiday and did...well....nothing pretty much all weekend! It was super awesome! When I say nothing I mean....we did not even go to the grocery store so I had no regular bread for sandwiches today. Of course Miss A wanted a sandwich...oy vey. Sooooo I used a hamburger bun and cut two circles from cookie cutters to make this little piggy ham sandwiches!!! We have black olives for the eyes and ham for the ears and snout. We have pretzel sticks, corn, and grapes!! YUM! Enjoy the week everyone!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Inching along slowly....

Happy weekend to everyone! We all have been "inching" slowly along these last two days of the week with lots of activities and work going on. So Thursday and Friday's Bento are together since I forgot to post. Ha!

Thursday we had mini turkey caterpillar sandwiches! Cheese eyes and mouth along with pretzel antennas and legs. The caterpillar is crawling along some chip leaves...haha. Then some strawberries and blueberries.

Friday was not really a fabulous themed bento just more of a want for Miss A. Macaroni and Cheese!!! We used her little thermos to stay nice and warm and we have a cut up hot dog with grapes, strawberries and blueberries!! Have a safe and fabulous Labor Day weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Well Miss A was just super excited that I went to the grocery store on Wednesday. So yesterday our bento was a "smorgasbord" of items! We have two boiled eggs that are formed after they are cooked in egg molds. One is a heart and the other is a bear. We have some ham cut like a ribbon bow and flower cheeses. She added some baked Cheetos, grapes and black olives. She loooooves black olives! We also have a border of mini ritz crackers along the top. Haha! Who doesn't love a little variety!!!