Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend of 1st's!!

This weekend was a decorating showdown of cakes for two boys who turned 1!!! It is corny, I know, but to be a part of someone's first birthday is pretty special I think! One boy I am very close to along with his amazing family and two amazing older brothers. The second birthday boy I have never met, but to be a part of his life celebrating is still really special to me!!! So thank you to both families for trusting me with such a special job on such a special day!!
A sports theme 3 tier cake with a mini smash cake. For accuracy sake, the football has 8 laces and the baseball has well....not all 216 but pretty close!! haha. 
I thought the baseball was going to be the hardest but really it was the basketball!!! Go figure! Chocolate chocolate for football, vanilla cake and white buttercream for baseball, and basketball was velvet cake and buttercream. Not only were the lines of basketball tricky but the red velvet is so darn moist and airy it cracked...:( 
Primary color 1st birthday cake with a 10inch square bottom and 8inch round on top. Then the mini smash cake for the amazing handsome little birthday boy who is the third son of a dear friend of mine. She was gracious enough to bake the cakes and all I had to do was ice and decorate! SO FABULOUS!!

Added his name once we got to the party site!!! Fondant name, "1", stars and circles. The multi-color dots along the base of each tier for both cakes is buttercream. This cake is just such a happy cake!! 

My dear friend has a spunky little boy who can melt your heart with a smile. He tries so hard all the time to be helpful but this little toddler sometimes doesn't even realize his own strength! He was helping me lift the cake out of the box and he lifted his corner a wee bit too high and the top almost slid right off! Gotta love this kid!!! A mom of all boys is truly the fastest species on the planet!!! haha!

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