Thursday, March 24, 2011

Pasta Angel....

Good morning, had to convince Miss A to change her idea due to the leftovers we had at dinner last night. They are studying Germany at preschool and they learned about one of the famous fairy tales....Rapunzel! So we will save Rapunzel for tomorrow perhaps. So with our leftover bowtie pasta we did a little angel. It sits atop the pasta on a slice of provolone cheese and has a ham dress and legs. We used tomatoes for the head and shoes and provolone for the halo. We have a side of tomatoes and blueberries along with some ham stars in the pasta and cheese stars on top of the tomatoes. Not the most exciting bento lunch of all time, but definitely quite sweet. I have an early start this morning so we made the lunch last night. First meeting is 6:30am so off to work I go!! Yowza!

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