Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Little Red...

Sooo Monday Miss A read Three Little Pigs at school which was our inspiration yesterday. Well yesterday they read Hansel and Gretel and made these graham cracker candy houses. Of course she wanted a candy and cookie only Bento....ummmm wrongo!!!! Last night Wonder Pets came to our rescue! This NickJr show featured a rescue mission for Little Red Riding Hood!!! You know how the rest of the story we feature two mini sandwiches. One is a wolf out of cheese, black olive nose, candy eyeballs and strawberry leaf whiskers. Little Red has a hoodie and rosy cheeks out of roast beef, cheese hair, and black olive eyes and mouth. We have two fig newtons as filler to keep the sandwiches from sliding. We paired with some string green beans and sliced strawberries! Let's hope the book they read today is an easy one and not like the old lady that lived in a shoe or rub a dub dub...hee hee
Happy hump day everyone!!

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