Sunday, February 19, 2012

Violet, high heels, and manly mustaches!!!

This weekend was a bake-off like no other!!! I had three different baking tasks for three very special people....
A 5 year Anniversary cake for a fabulous friend. I used violet tinted buttercream and used a template to imprint the patterns. Silver ball dragees, silver ribbon and a jewel accented "H" for their family name! 
Girls and their shoes!!! One of my neighbors and friends celebrated her birthday last weekend but we were unable to join her. So we went bowling Saturday night for her birthday and I made her some special high heel shoe cupcakes. She pinned this on my pinterest and even went so far as to buy the cupcake book!!! At least she is a women who knows what she wants!! HA! 

The toe of shoe is a cupcake of course, the sole of the shoe is a graham cracker dipped in melted chocolate wafers, and the heel is a Pepperidge Farm pirouette cookie. Too fun to make!!! 

The birthday gal with her favorite yellow heel cupcakes!

Today was my fabulous husbands birthday. so we celebrated at my parents and long story short...we made it a "manly" birthday party. What better way to show your manhood then with a mustache!! 

The birthday boy with his big "stache"!!! HAHAHA!

Cardboard cutout mustaches hot glued to popsicle sticks and atop 3 different cupcakes:  Vanilla, Chocolate and Red Velvet!

This was the template I printed out with the various mustaches!! hee hee....

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Xtreme Soccer Cupcakes!

Miss A has finished up her indoor season of soccer! This is her second season and she is already geared up for season 3 outdoor next week!!! But today we celebrated our second place indoor soccer team of 4/5 year old fabulous girls....TEAM EXTREME!!! (crowd applause insert here!!!!) The coach hosted a party at her house and of course any opportunity to bake...I'm in!! Here we have some eXtreme cupcakes (their colors are black and hot pink) with hot pink buttercream icing, a fondant X, and a sugar soccer ball. I made everything except the sugar soccer balls which I purchased from Cake Carousel in Richardson, TX. FABULOUS PLACE!! So proud of our little soccer star!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Welcome home...

I had the absolute pleasure to make a unique cake as a "welcome home" cake for a new neighbor. Our home builder and fabulous associate who also helped us find our home asked me to make this cake. This lady is so super nice you could never say NO! So here we have something unique that almost looks like a fixture in a home instead of a cake. My favorite part is the edible gold! It is technically 3 layers and the top layer is cut and flipped to give it that topsy slanted look. White buttercream surrounds the chocolate cake and all the accents including the fleur de lis and welcome home sign are all fondant.  Now it is time to finish some cupcakes for Miss A's soccer party tomorrow!!!