Friday, March 4, 2011

Monkeying around....

Well...this little monkey was a nod to my bumbling and clumsy self and was done quite rapidly this morning. I have a two tier cake I am working on for this amazing little girl and last night as I finished up the cake I dropped it...I was not monkeying around but I sure felt a at 2am I started again. I got a quick cat nap and when I got up this morning I had a plan! And oddly enough still energetic and excited! Sooo this morning I quickly made a monkey sandwich with turkey tongue and ear accents. I have black olive eyes and a kalamata olive nose. A banana of course, some cherry tomatoes, mandarin oranges and a few slices of cheese. Alexa was pleasantly pleased. Now off to work so I can quickly come home and finish this cake for an evening delivery that requires an hour drive to get there. PLEASE big money no whammies and all goes well on the trip over!!!

Hopefully I will be proud enough to post the pic of this little troublesome cake. BUT I will prevail! It just makes me stronger and proves I can pull through in a pinch...let's hope! haha

Just keep chanting for me...big money no whammies!! Remember that show? I love that saying. Were they red? Those little whammies?

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