Monday, February 28, 2011

Space: The Lunch Frontier

Hope everyone had a great weekend! It is Monday....a whole new week of fresh ideas for Alexa's lunches. She is really into outer space so today we have a bed of rice, a space border of hot dog, a fruit roll up rocket ship and alien space ship. We have some fig newton planets, moon, and stars in one corner of the galaxy and the other side is your very friendly green Ed Edamame martian equipped with green antennas of course!!! Alexa was disappointed I did not have any shooting stars so may have to work that in this week with another space theme!!! Have a great Monday...I know it's hard but it is all what you make of it!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

She's a lady...

Well my friends...I have to go to my real job super early in the morning so I cheated and made the Bento Box tonight. Inspiration this time came from a future cake I am making. Ladybugs!!! I also went to a fabulous sample sale today for children's clothes and this time I took Miss A with me. She is a lady all the way...all she wanted were dresses! This makes my 8th sample sale for Miss A and this time I also went for the baby boy in the oven. It was twice as nice! Also Miss A....the forever lady and diva that she is was able to pick out her own clothes this time. All I can say is thank goodness the full hot pink sequin leggings did not fit her! This lunch was super fast and easy and I made it while cooking dinner and feeding the doggies! Ladybug sample sandwiches; one is a pepperoni and cheese the other is chicken and cheese. Head of ladybug is pepperoni with cheese wings and eyes. Then some sliced strawberries with some green ladybug picks, corn and her favorite candy....candy corn!!!! Have a great Friday everyone!!!

Old School!!!

Miss A came back home from Camp Ma and Pa's last night so we celebrated and went to Gatti Town. Nothing like an over indulgence of pizza and video games!!! Of course there is nothing like the old school video games like Pac Man, Asteroids, and Defender. So we pulled up Ms Pac Man Online (thought she would appreciate the girl vs normal boy Pac Man) and showed her the games we used to play! So we have a Ms Pac Man Bento Lunch, square turkey and cheese sandwiches, a yellow cheese Ms Pac Man, and a white cheese ghost. Fruit roll up for the bow and the little things the Pan Man eat. (What are those called?) Anyway, some tomatoes, cheese itz, and a few yogurt pretzels at top to fit everything all nice and snug!!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Drum Roll Please....

It was a great weekend! Hungry Henry, my fabulous hubby, celebrated his birthday so of course I made a cake! He played drums junior high through college so a Drum Set cake was pretty fitting and long over due! The drums were made a week before out of fondant. I probably should have used rice krispies and wrapped in fondant because the big drum was a little heavy, but how else would I learn! The cake was vanilla with a vanilla buttercream icing. I don't like to put fondant on the whole cake, only as decoration. So I smooth out my buttercream with a Viva paper towel to get it nice and smooth!! Viva las buttercream!!! haha. The music notes, the H on the drum and drum silhouette on front of cake was cut out using my Cricut Cake machine and the cartridge Quarter Note! Soooo fun! Alexa stayed with her Ma and Pa for a few days so no Bento Box lunches for 3 next bake order is not until first weekend in March so I am going to have to find something else to keep me busy!!! Could be trouble...haha

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Letter Q...

Today was show and tell for the letter Q for Miss A. So with some help from some fabo friends on facebook we got some ideas and decided to do a house made out of Q-tips and a Queen Bee! I showed Alexa how to stack the q-tips and she cut out a blue door, drew a flower, sun and a bee with a crown to go with the house! Of course we realized we were out of craft glue so I had to use my hot glue gun. My horrible luck, poor Alexa touched the glue and it burned her thumb, poor baby. She almost didn't want to take the house this morning, just a quarter. BUT....this morning I told her we could do a matching queen bee lunch and she had a change of heart and decided to take her Qtip art house and queen bee masterpiece! Yeah!!! For her lunch we did a Queen Bee Quesadilla!! Another Q....Quesadilla! Green beans with flower fruit roll ups, fig newtons, pretzels, and some tomatoes. TGIF!!!! This weekend is Hungry Henry's bday!! Aka, my hubby and Alexa's daddy. So we are planning a special cake...stay tuned!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Googly Eyes!

Aaaahhhh yes once again Miss A gives me the giggles and inspiration for lunch. Some googly eyes and a big goofy nose!! Of course I did get in a little trouble that I did not put a mustache. I may have to add that before we leave, don't think she will let it go out the door without it!!! haha. So we were out of bread but we did have a bagel! HEY...they are still healthy and still bread! So a bagel sandwich, summer sausage, cheese, and olive eyes all held together by a green pick. A tomato nose with a strawberry & grape border and some corn. I have just been informed by Miss A a grape mustache will work beautifully...oy vey. I have created a monster!!!

Have a good day!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baa Baa....Lamb?

So Alexa has this little Lamb puppet that she loves to sleep with. We lost it for awhile and recently found guess what was my inspiration???? haha. Leftover noodles from last night with just some butter and cheese this morning. A sheep/lamb of hot dog and cheese. Some green bean tulips and tomatoes....which really are a fruit right? Think she will fall for that? She does looooove tomatoes! Also added a sheep dog pick so she can use to eat with! hee hee....

It's hump day!! WOO HOO!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Flower Cookie Bouquets....

Just finished an order for three Thank You cookie bouquets. Must say they went pretty quick. I baked the cookies this morning about 5am and then came home and got busy icing! Even had a few for the fam to have with dinner this evening. Now working on a personal cake for a special someone this weekend. My hubby!!

Sweet Kitty....

Good morning! Hope everyone survived the chocolate, cookies, sweet indulgence of Valentine's yesterday. This morning was a simple little sweet kitty sandwich with a fruit roll up nose, mouth and bow. Cheese ears and a few chips along with some flower fruit roll up accents. Alexa loves turkey so I made a little turkey flower thing and stuck in there as well to assure she has plenty to eat! Some corn, her choice, and some grapes and raspberries. Is the p supposed to be silent when we say raspberries? Because I always spell it like it sounds and spell check catches it. Do we need the p? Can we protest somehow? Anyway...have a great one!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

This was ALL Miss A...she wanted hearts and lips! She is one goofy girl!! We have two heart shaped sandwiches, cheese cut into a shape of lips and a heart, and a Baby Bella cheese with some red lips and a bow. A heart shaped boiled egg; thanks Mimi and Ben for the egg mold. Heart shaped fig newtons and green beans in a heart cup. I added a special cookie just for her! She is soooo amazing, sweet, and beautiful inside and out. I hope she has a fabulous Valentine's Day. Valentine's day is about love of life, friends, and family. Hope everyone has a fabulous day! If's just one day...there is always tomorrow!!

Valentine Cookie Bouquets!!!

Lots and lots of cookies this weekend!! I made 4 dozen cookies on a stick this weekend and they were for 4 different reasons. Two dozen were requests for two different friends and two were personal for me. The "Pots of Love" were Valentine gifts for Miss A's teachers. I attached little fondant leaves to the bottoms of the cookies, I should have used gumpaste because they were a little too soft. Hope they stay in tact!!! Haha. If not they will be wilting hearts....heehee.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cupcakes of Loooooove

It is Valentine's Weekend and I am sooo excited to have some baking orders!

It's a big weekend. Besides Valentine's day it is also Miss A's first daddy daughter dance and she is so excited to be lifted like a ballerina when they dance. Hee hee. I just love her!!

Well first order is done, some red velvet cupcakes with buttercream icing for a friend and her new fabulous beau. I also got to use my new Cricut Cake machine. I was pretty nervous because all the web reviews said it took awhile to get used to it and lots of trial and error. I set myself up for the worst and started practicing Thursday evening. I think I got a decent handle on it and it was better then what I had anticipated. I must say I think I am going to love it! I cut out some cute lovee dovee shapes for this cupcake order. A bustier, hot lips, a double heart, and a Love sign. I am packing these up in packing peanuts, ice, more packing peanuts, a big box, more packing peanuts and LOTS of labels to ship them to Houston! Next will be Valentine's cookies!!! WOO HOO!! Stay tuned....

Friday, February 11, 2011


Well I must say I have seen a Wall-E and Eve design online that is 20x times better but the items they use are not tempting to Miss A's palette so we had to adjust and make do with what she likes to eat!! Must say it was fun and different. Wall-E has a cheese slice body, rice for his track wheels, and some beef sausage for his eyes and hands. Of course a few flowers for accent and more beef sausage blocks like he stacked over and over again. And last but not least the beautiful Eve who is of course a boiled egg! A few stacked green beans, some raspberries, and two Danish butter cookies (her fav) to round out her lunch. Have a great Friday and TGIF!!! WOO HOO!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Panda Bear!!!

So as forecasted we had another day of ice yesterday and school was closed. That gave Alexa plenty of time to pick out her Bento idea. She has wanted a panda bear for a long time, but we have not had the right consistency of rice. Every time I make it, it is too wet, to dry, and never sticks. This time we got it right!! We ordered straight from Hot Wok last night!!! hahaha....well....if you can't do something you sometimes have to ask for a little help or just buy it! So here we have our two Panda Bears!! Broccoli for foliage, face accents are nori seaweed with carrot cheeks. A turkey curly bouquet with flower cheese accents. Of course some fresh strawberries and blueberries. Getting ready for a weekend of valentine cupcake and cookie orders!! Sooo excited for some weekend projects. So stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Monkeying around....

Once again a brilliant masterpiece by Miss A!!! Although I think she was trying ANY way to get a cupcake in her lunchbox!! From football Sunday we had some astro-turf cupcakes left over which Alexa thought look like a treetop. She said monkeys swing from treetops, they eat bananas and the carrots for the tree trunk was my attempt to throw in a veggie! The monkey is a quesadilla that I cut out with a cookie cutter I had. The raspberries were just to fill the space. The trick to Bento is to assure everything fits nice and tight and you don't have a lot of space so items don't get all mixed up in the lunch box. Even daddy, aka Hungry Henry helped arrange this Bento box this morning. He has a creative side to him, he just won't admit it! Have a terrific Tuesday...and brace yourself for more snow here in Texas!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Slumbering Bunnies...

WOO HOO! It is Monday, the snow has melted, and we are back in business. Back to work (which actually feels good), Miss A back to school and dance class tonight, and back to Bento Lunch Fun in the Sun! Well sun at least until Wednesday when it is supposed to snow again! Nothing like Texas weather for ya. Today we did some slumbering bunnies out of little smokies with barbecue sauce on a bed of bread. Hee hee, so fancy! Then we did some more barb smokies as hearts. You just cut them in half at an angle, flip em, and put a pick through them!! Voila! Some cheese circle slices in a bunny cup, compliments of our Auntie Mimi (they came from Shop Minoya!). Then some fresh organic strawberries and blueberries! Have a great Monday everyone. For my peeps out there who were Steelers fans....I was hoping to do a tribute Bento to the Steelers after superbowl...but So upward and onward my friends!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

House arrest = Baking time!!!

This crazy Texas weather has had me home with hubby, Miss A, and two crazy doggies for two days and it looks like it may be a third!! Oy vey!! With all this time Miss A and I like to bake to kill time. So took this time to work on a new technique and make a high heel shoe cake. Miss A made the one on the right and I made the one on the cake. I made two bows originally for the mold, but Miss A thought it needed a little bling so we used the purple jewels for middle of bows! She is pretty smart. Before you judge the bright bright pink color, please keep in mind we have been stuck in the house and had to use the limited supplies we had in the house. We had bright pink fondant obviously and luckily I had just enough gum paste to dye purple and make some flowers to contrast the bright pink! Again, this is a tester cake so I learned lots and cannot wait for the real thing!! Now the fun part....we get to eat it!! We also had some cake left over when we cut the shoe box shape so we made a little ring box for Alexa's play ring!! It was simple so we accessorized to jazz it up a bit!! haha. I used an airbrush technique. Hope everyone is staying warm out there. We are almost out of eggs so don't think there will be anymore baking until we can get to grocery store!!! My husband aka "Hungry Hank" will kill me if I use up all his breakfast eggs!! haha. Have a good one and stay warm my friends!!!