Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Planes, Suns and Automobiles?

Good moooooorning! We seem to be on a transportation theme this week....rocket ships and space ships yesterday and today we have Plane and Race Car. I found a cookie cutter set for $2 at TJ Maxx or Marshal's, can't remember! I am a huge fashionista bargain shopper! I got them because...well there is a boy in my tummy that will probably not appreciate all the flower, shoe, and dress cookies as much as Alexa! Well Alexa thought they were for her lunch and I did not want to disappoint! Except...she did not want the train....she just wanted the car and plane. Sooo we have a ham and cheese race car sandwich with black olive wheels. Pretzels for the road and a cheese & fruit roll up checkered flag. The plane is rice krispy treat with a blueberry sky and the peas...well I had to throw in a veggie but Miss A convinced me to put a smiling cheese sun on top of it!! So...Planes, Suns, and Automobiles....(I must say that Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is one of my fav Steve Martin and John Candy movies! CLASSIC!) And yes, I made homemade rice krispy treats last night because I am using it for a cake this weekend!!! :) Have a great one!

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