Monday, March 21, 2011

Bee Happy!!

Well Spring Break offered a crazy week for the Z Family with many adventures as usual! Miss A had her first trip to Disneyland before Baby Max shows up in about 9 weeks or so. We had a great time with Henry's family in California. We visited Hollywood, Disneyland, and many other great places. Especially food places!! Alexa could not get enough of the Disney Princesses and all the characters! We also sold our house in technically 2 days and if all goes well with the buyers on our house and we close all nice and smooth we can continue to buy our dream house we found this weekend! Woo hoo!! Must say all this excitement caused my prego body to take a toll but am doing much better today just in time for a full week of Bento Boxes, a very full work week, and lots of other activities planned for the week!

So today we have Bee Happy....a little mac and cheese bee with cheese wings, black olive eyes and mouth, along with ham stripes! No stinger per Alexa's request. Ha! We have a strawberry flower with blueberries and a side of sliced chicken breast deli slices in a unique little presentation.

Have a great week everyone!! Bee Happy!!!

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