Monday, June 13, 2011

Your 2010-2011 NBA Champions!!!!

Well...of course we had to do a salute to the NBA Champions....the Dallas Mavericks!!! While I worked on the cheese homage to the Mavericks, which is their logo, Miss A worked on her lunch. She got new picks from Shop Minoya in Plano that are all hearts so she did hot dog rings on the 4 different heart picks. They are reusable, $4, and have 16 in a pack so even if you lost a few you are good. We have one bread slice cut into triangles as a border and base. We have some green beans as requested by Miss A since she has not had them in a while...what a great girl! Some mandarin oranges in the shape of a flower and a bing cherry center. We also have some Queso Fresco which is this Mexican cheese that Miss A is totally addicted to right now! My mom got her hooked on it...haha. Congratulations to the Dallas Mavericks!!! Like Alexa said when they won..."In your face!!!!"

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