Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Slick Juggler

So yesterday we went to see a juggler at the library called Slick Juggler. He is in the Guinness Book of World Records 2011 for longest time juggling...12 HOURS!!! The longest "anything" I can do for any length of time is sleep and that is only about 6 hours. Other than that if I can stick to something for an hour that is a record! So of course today we wanted to do a silly juggler and she also asked for a jelly sandwich. Not exactly the healthiest thing some would say, but it is summer and every once in awhile is just fine. So we took our gingerbread man cookie cutter and made a jelly sandwich man with cheese eyes and mouth. I would have suggested fruit roll up for the face but Miss A really thought cheese would go nicely with jelly. Yuck! But it is her lunch so be it. I added some sticks with turkey and string cheese. We have some grapes and blueberries as our juggling balls! This guy juggled everything under the sun yesterday and after the show he had balls or scarves to purchase. Miss A really wanted to learn to juggle and was so inspired, so I got her the juggling scarves. Especially because she had such a great day at Ooey Gooey Camp and is ready to go back today! Of course if you notice in the second picture the scarves are not getting used exactly for juggling...they are accessorizing her many Barbies...oy vey! haha. Gotta love her!

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