Monday, June 27, 2011

Food Fun!

So Miss A is out for summer and has two weeks before her next summer camp sessions start. Sooo sadly that means no Bento's for us. :( BUT...we are playing with our food and just having fun with breakfast, lunch and or dinner!!! We do this quite often depending on what we are eating. Like for instance when we have cereal...yeah...not much to do with that one! this morning we had bagel and Miss A always makes a face or uses it as a boat for her grape family...really quite amusing. So this morning we took a mini-bagel with cream cheese, blueberry eyes and mouth, and a grape nose! Then for dinner we took the pasta and created a face and added yellow tomato eyes, a raspberry nose, and cheese for his smile and ears. We also added a party hat (not really sure why...hee hee) out of hamburger meat and the decorative pom poms on the hat are also raspberries. So there you have it....just having fun with our food! We will play with this for awhile and see how it goes!! Kind of nice to have a full plate and also some new food items that we don't have to worry about tasting good cold in her bento lunch!

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