Monday, June 20, 2011

Old Mother Hubbard's Doggie...

Last night while Miss A was reading nursery rhymes to Mighty Max and she started talking about the nursery rhyme Old Mother Hubbard. She truly felt sorry for that doggie when the cupboard was bare. So this morning we found our doggie and bone cookie cutters and made little sandwiches for her Bento this morning. So we have a turkey bone sandwich and a doggie shaped sandwich. Provolone doggie with american cheese spots. She was very particular about having a spot around this dogs eye. The eyes are black olives as suggested by Miss A. We also have some green beans and some blueberries and grapes!!! This week Miss A is at Ooey Gooey Science Camp and I must say she was not to thrilled of getting all gooey with all sorts of ooey things. This is the little 4 year old princess who her idea of a picnic is actually driving to the park, sitting in the car, and rolling back the sunroof. Now when I say rolling back the sunroof, I do not mean the glass part just the cover so she can see the sky. That way no bugs fly in!! sister her Auntie taught her at a young age that "nature is dirty". She really really believes her! Haha. No I can't blame my sister, Alexa has been this way for a long time. As Lady Gaga puts it...I was born this way. She sure was; we don't touch bugs, we don't like dirty shoes or clothes, and we just started to like finger painting! So let's hope this week at camp goes well and we can actually do something fun in her Bento that is both ooey and gooey. Doubt it but here's hoping. Hope everyone has a great week!!!

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