Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy Day!!

Well this weekend was all planned out starting on Friday and somehow life gets in the way and it all snowballed into preparing for Father's Day in one Father's Day! So we started early and finished up the cookies Miss A wanted to make for her amazing daddy trophy cookies that tell him he's #1! When you prepare cookies in a hurry sometimes there are a few set backs. Lesson #1 - Store bought icing never works out as planned, so just go ahead and make homemade icing. Let's just say to get it the right consistency I added so much water it tasted like...well...syrup water. Ick. Lesson #2 - when decorating cookies do not dry them on a collapsable bakers rack next to a sink of soapy water!! haha. Yeah as you can see in the pic we lost a few. Sadly for a quick second when I reached in to pull them out I immediately thought I could just rinse them off. Haha...yeah...dork here. I decorated a few which are the #1 and DAD cookies. Miss A of course always decorates her own. The picture with 3 cookies are hers. She really does an amazing job for a 4 year old. She outlines and fills in the cookies all by herself. The first cookie you can actually see the H and she tried a 1 on the bottom, the second one is #1 and a D for dad, the third one is filled in all blue which she knows is her daddy's favorite color. She made many more but these were the 3 she picked to showcase! Happy Father's Day everyone!

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