Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Aesop's Fable and a Librarian...

So day two of Miss A being home with me and the newborn Mighty Max...my dad has changed Mighty Max's name toBig Max. At 5 weeks he weighed 10lbs 14oz...yeah...apparently he is eating and growing well. ANYWAY...so I am trying to keep her busy and strangely enough planning her lunch or dinner takes up adequate time! She knows her nursery rhymes well so I thought I would read a few of Aesop's fables. I used to love those.

So her lunch was based on the Aesop fable The Lion & The Mouse. We have a turkey lion sandwich with olive and cheese face. The lion mane is a small bag of cheez-its. Hee hee. The mice are strawberries and although the story only has one mouse...ummmm you can't just eat one strawberry so we have three. So the famous fable mouse is the one in the middle and the two on the sides are his brother and sister; at least that is what Miss A made up!! haha. They have blueberry eyes and a fruit roll-up tail. Some people use icing and glue on chocolate chips or something else for the eyes. I try to use the minimum amount of ingredients because I don't like to waste. Sooo if you cut the blueberries in half the natural stickiness of the juices will help it stick just fine!

Sooo I call this little lady the librarian because of the bun in her hair, Alexa just thought it was a mom....OUCH! We have spaghetti as the bun with a spinach hair piece. Mommy and daddy had a whole spinach salad with balsamic vinaigrette so the spinach leaf in her hair had some dressing...and much to my happy surprise she ate about 6 spinach leaves with the dressing!! Can't get any better then that! She tried something new and healthy and loved it! We have some cheese french bread for the face with olive eyes and carrot nose and mouth. The other olives and carrots on the bottom are her shirt.

Sooo not a bad day. I survived. I really do not know how those amazing stay at home moms do this day in and day out. I barely got one load of laundry done! Have a great week everyone and until tomorrow!

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