Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Lovely House...

Miss A is that prime age where drawing is a huge part of her everyday activities. She loves to draw animals and houses. So last night as she was drawing she said she wanted to make a house. We had white rice last night so while it was still hot and steamy last night I set some aside and molded it in a house cookie cutter. That way today I just flipped it over and there you have a rice house! She did cheese roof, and a door and I cut the windows. She of course arranged everything. Actually Miss A wanted to do a whole apartment complex but I told her we did not have a bento box big enough! Plus she would have to eat all of it and that would be a lot of rice! I don't know where she comes up with this stuff sometimes. Anyway...we have turkey and ham alternating as the driveway, a small paper grass divider (you can buy these like 200 in a pack for 3 dollars. They are the ones you see in take-out sushi at the grocery store). We used pirate booty cheddar puffs for the clouds and the pink sugar cookie..well...that's just there because it's a sugar cookie!! haha. Tomorrow she wants to use them as flowers, but sadly we will not be staying at school for lunch, so perhaps for dinner tonight she can create her plate with a couple of sugar cookie flowers and I will take a picture of it! Have a great one everybody!!!

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