Friday, June 17, 2011

Simply Charming...

So this week has been about keeping things simple I must say. Not by my choice, but by Miss A. Apparently Art camp has taken the creative juices out of her in the morning. Haha. This morning, she decided on Mac n Cheese in her new Hello Kitty thermos so it stays nice and warm! Then for her other items of choice we were going to make a face but she said..."Maybe just put something like my name would be fine". So there you have it. Blueberries, black olives, edamame (protein baby!) and her name cut out simply out of fruit roll up!!! That was easy!!! I need that Staples button this week!! Next week is Ooooey Goooey Science Week. She is not looking forward to getting dirty...hopefully we make it through!!! Happy Friday, hope you have a great weekend and for those daddy's out there...Happy Father's Day! We will be making cookies so hopefully we will have a weekend post!!

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