Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sailing with Elton Jagger???

Today our food play was for breakfast and lunch...

For breakfast we had Miss A's favorite cheesy scrambled here you have a sea of cheesy eggs and a tortilla ship with tortilla sails. The yellow tomato sun with tortilla strip rays is shining down....hee hee. The ship is headed to an island with a palm tree that Miss A constructed out of blueberries and grapes! She made fun of my sun so I made fun of her palm tree...yeah yeah...I am supposed to be the adult here but seriously...that sun kicks butt!! haha. Just kidding.

So this mac and cheese girl had potential and then it went downhill somehow. Miss A is obsessed with glasses for some reason this week, so we thought we would put glasses on this little girl. So we have mac and cheese golden locks, an oven roasted turkey face with provolone cheese glasses, nose, and mouth. Blueberry eyes and a fruit roll up bow. Somehow this little girl looks like an offspring of Mick Jagger and Elton John...I know that is not quite possible but I am sure you can see it too!! Can't you???? Anyway....even Miss A admitted this was a funny looking one, but it didn't stop her from eating everything but two pieces of macaroni, but that is only because they fell on the floor!!!

So today was not a perfect day, just a fun creative day that we learned it is all about having fun, not so much how it looks. Have great one!!

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