Friday, December 23, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

Today was a great day of baking with my mom and decorating with Miss A and a very dear friend I have not seen in forever and her children. We made Christmas tree cupcakes that were a gift for some friends of my moms and with the extra green buttercream we decided to make Christmas tree cookies for our family! (And Santa of course!!!)

Just a few fabulous cookie designs by Miss A, my fabulous niece Olivia and ME! 
All thrown in together!! 
Remember the McDonald's Fry Guys???? This is what this cookie reminded me of!
Just a few simple design trees.

The cupcakes! I had sparkle edible dust, silver balls, and of course the yellow stars as decoration. Oddly enough the yellow stars were supposed to be royal icing stand up stars that stuck up in the top. But they did not dry fast enough. 
All the cupcakes! There are the stars in the far left that were supposed to stand atop the cupcakes. BUT, instead we had to settle for icing stars since the 3-D ones did not dry in time to deliver. 
Once we couldn't use the stars for the cupcakes I thought we would use for the cookies. I googled a faster way to dry the royal icing stars and it said to stick in a very low oven for 3-4 hours. So I stuck them in as low as possible and checked them at one hour....ummmm.....yeah....they popped like popcorn!!! Hahah! Although they tasted like burnt cotton candy not popcorn! Miss A and I had quite a few I must say!


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