Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Butter me up Santa!

Well...for those of you truly following the poem bentos from Twas the Night Before Christmas...this next sentence may disappoint you. We stopped following the poem.... I KNOW! SORRY! For one...Alexa has only a few more days before she is out for Christmas, which is what I told her. The real reason is I started to get uncomfortable with the poem. I did not realize Santa had a pipe and he was smoking it up in the poem!! hahaha. Ummmm yeah...don't remember that part of the story. Anyway....for today Miss A wanted butter noodles some of her favorite. We also had strawberries so she wanted me to add those in there somehow. My bento's are a far cry from the best and most creative out there, no doubt. But, I will say at least I utilize food that my daughter will eat and survive a lunch box with an ice pack for 5 hours. 
So we have noodles all nice,warm, and buttery in her Hello Kitty thermos. Then we have a Strawberry Santa! Adorned with a Reddi Whip bear and hat trimmings. I had some leftover icing from my Spongebob Cake so Miss A dotted his eyes and made his nose and mouth. We added a few blueberries and then added some string cheese cut like little discs. There you have it boys and girls. And remember..smoking is bad!! HAHAHAH!

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