Saturday, December 10, 2011

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea.....

Well this weekend was a fun weekend indeed!!! I had the pleasure of making a 1st birthday cake for a handsome little boy!! It was a Spongebob Cake! Again I like to use buttercream and smooth it with a Viva paper towel. The fondant is all the accent/decorative pieces only.
So here we have the pineapple! I used 2-8inch rounds for the bottom layer.  The pineapple I used the Pampered Chef medium batter bowl!!! It is glass and can be in the oven at 325 degrees! Worked great! It did get a little too brown for my taste along the top edge but at least it was cooked all the way through!!

Here we have the Mini-Bob smash cake!!! The Spongebob was a candle and I honestly did not calculate his size for Big Bob so we just put him to the side! A one year old doesn't really blow a candle out anyway! The fondant "1" is too far to the left...drats...oh well. I actually used a 4inch cheesecake pan and the pineapple is the glass Pampered Chef prep bowl!! 

For some reason the seaweed and nautical life safer are my favorite!! I used floral wire and bent it to curve into the cake!! I also posted this pic because oopsies are always a part of baking I have learned. One of the octopus legs came off!! Oh well...just smush it and stick it where it belongs and hope no one notices!! haha!

Here we have Big Bog and Mini-Bob side by side! Totally a fun cake to make!! Thanks to my fabulous neighbor for taking a chance on this novice baker!!! 

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