Sunday, January 1, 2012

Squinkie Cupcakes...

If you have a young daughter you know what a Squinkie is. It is basically a miniature gumball egg machine prize but super tiny! Miss A has a gumball looking one that has all sorts of items like Hello Kitty, Disney Princess and a whole slew of other little animals! Not going to lie. I think it is kind of fun to stick in a fake coin, turn the knob and get a fun ball with a prize inside! Anway...Miss A has a friend in the neighborhood who was having a little sleepover birthday celebration and her mom ( a friend of mine) and I discussed princess cupcakes. I googled and found this one pick and they used Squinkies as the cupcake toppers and added some other flowers. I found the Disney Princess squinkies, made the cupcakes, made the fondant flowers, mixed the icing, and was ready to decorate. I soon realized that the photo we found used the small mini cupcakes!!! So my proportions were all wrong! But I still think they turned out super cute, the gals loved them, and you got more cake!!! So I say it was a win win!!! haha!
Snow white looking very colorful!


Gotta love Ariel...

A few of the princess just lying around!

Princess Jasmine...she looks a  litte nervous with those darting eyes! LOL!


Belle once again...she is one of fav!

We also had a few cupcakes that just had roses and two special ones with the birthday gals age and letter of her first name!

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