Monday, December 19, 2011

Punting zebra??

This weekend I had two birthday cakes. One was Friday which was a purple passion zebra cake and Saturday was a first birthday football cake.
These are the loops for the bows and of course we have the corkers that I wrapped around wooden skewers to get their shape. 

A few of the corkers broke but I made them longer then I needed for that exact reason so it worked out just fine!

First time to do zebra stripes. There are tons of videos on you tube and I watched about 4 of them and then just went for it!! 

 A little smash cake that had a base that was a 4 inch circle and the football was a 4 inch circle whittled down to a football!

Just admiring the awe-inspiring technique of the grass!! HAHAHAHA! Let's just say my arm was super duper tired after all that grass.

A dynamic pair of a big football and little football smash cake!

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