Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Where there is birthday there is cake!!!

Miss A of course is a product of her environment so my little baking hobby obviously affects her. If someone has a birthday she feels the impulse to bake something special for them! One of her amazing teachers was having a bday and she really wanted to make her cupcakes. So we made flower cupcakes with butterflies on top! Miss A took a butterfly cutter and cut out all the butterflies out of fondant. I took a piece of cardstock and fanned it like the letter M. After the butterflies were cut out Miss A placed them in the valley area of the cardstock to allow the butterflies to dry with their wings at an angle. Then after they were dried Miss A brushed pearl edible dust and make them sparkly! I wanted to make the icing on the cupcakes different so I learned a new technique on you tube!!! haha. Using a petal tip I learned on how to make the icing look like a flower. Not perfect but practice makes perfect!

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