Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thankfulness bento #3

Sooo keep in mind that Miss A is 5! Her perspective and what she deems important in her life is sometimes a little...well...childish. Which makes perfect sense because she is indeed a child. Day 1...her "whole" family. Day 2- God. I mean that is just fabulous what can I say!!! Day 3-Pretty shoes. Yep. That is it. Pretty shoes that show her feet and those that do not. She wanted a quesadilla for her lunch. BUT she did not want a high heel she wanted a shoe like she wears with just a little tiny heel and perhaps a bow on the top. So we have a minnie mouse type of shoe with a small heel made out of tortilla and white and yellow cheeses. We added some chicken, green beans, tomatoes, and blueberries. There you have Day 3 of what she is thankful for. PRETTY SHOES!! haha! Gotta love those kids and their brutal honesty!! I am not going to lie I am very thankful for pretty shoes myself!!!!

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