Monday, November 14, 2011

Thankful Bento #4

Miss A was very fortunate to have her auntie and her cousin in town last week so she stayed home Thursday and Friday with them so that is why we had not bento's those two days. BUT it is Monday and we are back on if you remember the first two days started out pretty fabulous...she was thankful for her "whole" family (all 30 on both sides), and God! What a thankful, thoughtful and sentimental child Miss A is....of course the 5 year old kicked in by bento #3 and we were thankful for shoes...oy vey. we are still a little limited by age and it is evident by Thankful Bento #4.....UNICORNS! Yes my friends...we are thankful for the magical horned horse like mythical creature....UNICORNS!! By her account they make people happy and are so pretty. Yeah...I did not even try to challenge this or explain unicorns are not's Monday people I barely survived getting out in the world today! So we have a fabulous Unicorn ham sandwich with a cheese and olive eye, cheese mouth, flowing cheese mane, and a laughing cow foiled wrap cheese as the magical horn!!! We added some baked cheddar chips and blueberries. There you have it boys and girls...Miss A is thankful for unicorns. Gotta love her!

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