Monday, November 28, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Well....after a week off of school for Miss A we are back! Thanksgiving is over we had many many things to be thankful for. Christmas has been in full swing for almost a month now in all the stores, and finally this weekend we got into the Christmas spirit and decorated most of our house. For Miss A's bento we also tried to get into the Christmas spirit. We used some of our left over fried rice and did a turkey Christmas tree with peas and carrot decorations! We added a cheese star on top and she wanted some popcorn in there as well. She told me the tree was unrecognizable at lunch but she turned it into something fabulous as she always does!! haha.
Yeah...not the most creative Christmas tree...definitely not the best lighting. Not to make any excuses but we woke up late and Mighty Max is eating solids now so it put a major cramp in our morning routine! ha ha! But he sure is cute! 
This is the fireplace. Just need to get our stockings embroidered.... :)

We had to go for tall and skinny tree instead of wide and squatty...I must say I kind of like it!!
This sadly is all the other crap that has not quite found a home....still have the kitchen, kids game room, and most importantly my Department 56 Snow Villages!! Miss A is super excited!

Make it a great week....see you tomorrow!! 

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