Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sugar Sheets and Baby Cakes!

This weekend had two new ventures. The first was my new obsession for cake balls. For $19.99 plus a 20% off coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond I did indeed purchase a Babycakes cake ball pop maker!!! I was skeptical and thought they were silly but then I read a few reviews that made me change my mind. 1) They give you recipes so you don't have to mix icing in your cake mixture to make the ball. I personally think they are too sweet when you add icing in the middle and then cover in candy, bark, icing...or whatever you choose 2) you don't get your kitchen all hot from having your oven on 3) they cook in 4 minutes!!! So I tried it out. I am not one to read instructions and let's just say the first one did not turn out very well because apparently the latch mechanism was not working. SO I took it back to BB&B. The second machine did great! Then after I finished all my balls...I realized...ummm they were crooked!! I have crooked balls!! I can't have crooked balls! So tomorrow after work I will have go back to BB&B and return the second one. All in all I must say I am in love!! Just a few glitches but for $20 I really can't set my expectations too high! haha. 

Then I had a quick little topsy turvy cake for a fabulous 18 year old. I wanted to try the new Wilton sugar sheets. I usually make all accents and decorations on the cake out of fondant. I read that the sugar sheets tasted better and are ready to just cut. Well...yeah....let's just say they SUCK! They are like paper wafers. I was raised catholic and they feel like those wafers you had when you went up for communion. NOT PRETTY! Not to mention they are these thin hard pieces of plastic that do not cut very well!! They especially do not lay flat nicely against the cake. SO lesson learned. The stars, 18, and pearl accents on the bottom are all fondant. The rest are those sugar sheets that I will never ever use again. Back to what I know!!! So here you have my cake not my best work but still sort of cute...

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