Thursday, November 3, 2011

E Tu Turke?

Then Fall Christmas!! Yes...I did...I have taken Shakespeare and Julius Caesar with his last words..."E tu Brute? Then Fall Caesar!" and compared it to my turkey bento! Haha! And yes indeed another Turkey bento!! It is November is Thanksgiving! Let us enjoy the fall weather and not just Halloween but also be thankful for Thanksgiving! Tomorrow will be last day I PROMISE! We will then start a steady stream of "What Alexa is Thankful For..." There will be no editing in that series so please don't think Miss A is...well...crazy. Who knows what she may be thankful for that day. It may be the lollipop I let her have or her boots! haha. We will see! She just may surprise me. Back to our fabulous turkey...we have turkey for the body of the...well...turkey! Mac and Cheese feathers, fig newton head and fruit roll up eyes, beak, and waddle. We added some green beans and blueberries and there you have yet another fabulous turkey!!! GOBBLE GOBBLE everybody!!!

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