Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Christmas bento?

NOT! Exactly...NO Christmas bento!! You know why??? Because here in America we have another holiday that comes before all the December celebrations....it is called Thanksgiving!!!! It is the one day out of the year that you are allowed to eat until the button on your pants pop off!! haha! I would like to do a month long of JUST turkeys every day as my protest to all the malls, grocery stores, and pharmacies that already have the Christmas items up and music playing!!! I don't think Alexa will let me. So today we have a very sad little quesadilla turkey. His feathers are Mexican rice. So I guess this is a Mexican turkey!! Hahahaha. This is where if I was a real Mexican I would say turkey in Spanish...but I am kind of a coconut. Brown on the outside and white on the inside. So pathetic. Anyway...we also added some red raspberries and a little dollop of sour cream.

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