Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Well I have been making Bento lunches for about a month now and that checkerboard pattern on the apple slices got me!! I must say that is quite good for me. I have been banned from super glue, hot glue guns, any open flames, soldering and wood burning kits, fry daddy's, toaster ovens....well you get the idea. I have had the fire department at my house twice in my adult life but both were for smoke not actual fire! Anyway....the exacto knife I got for my birthday last year has been hidden from my husband and I pulled it out today and well....I cut myself. Haha. Oh well...the apples look pretty cool!! Like my pickle band-aid?? Also thought I would showcase two more of my fav books. Cute Yummy time and Yum Yum Bento Box. LOTS of great ideas! Again difficult because the art of Bento utilizes a lot of foods our little four year old little diva Miss A won't eat! Sooo I have to experiment. Boiled eggs in a nest of noodles with sprinkled corn. Carrot for beaks and hair/bow. Nori seaweed eyes cut with punch cutters. A mini loaf of bread along with blueberries and three checkerboard apple slices!

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