Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hootie Hoot!!!

I discovered Darius Rucker is now a country singer. He was the lead singer from Hootie and Blowfish!! Hootie Hoot!!! Anyway it always makes me thinks of owls...so we had some meatball subs last night so with the left over meatballs we did Hootie Owls!! The moon cheese is tucked into the side so I pulled it out just for show. I also have a small container of ketchup for her meatballs. Alexa wanted some chips and decided on peas and cherries! This is my NEW Bento Box I got from Shop Minoya in Plano which is a Japanese shop with FABULOUS Bento supplies!! Not very expensive either!! So I added some pics so you could see how it stacks. Shop Minoya is off Parker and Independence in Plano. Check it out!!! Very nice and helpful people and just fun to try something new!!

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