Monday, January 24, 2011

Mexican Monday!!!

Happy Monday!
Inspired by my mother's homemade flour tortillas yesterday Miss A and I decided on a Mexican theme because she looooooves her Ma's tortillas! Of course with a little help from my mamma I snagged a few tortillas. Yes, yes yes...I don't make tortillas. While we are on the subject let's just also bring up I don't speak Spanish!!! I am a coconut!! Brown on the outside and white on the inside. Sad I know but true. Soooo the clip art designs were the pages we pulled up and Miss A marked the ones she wanted to express in her Bento lunch....ummm so I couldn't do all of them, but we tried!
Sombrero quesadillas with fruit roll up trim, corn because...ummm somehow it's Mexican, and Spanish rice! We threw in some olive maracas!! Then some cantaloupe with a fruit roll up cactus!! Hee hee. Adios Amigos!!! Hasta la vista...or something like that!!!

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