Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 2 of Bento Fun!

Day 2 of Charismatic Crazy Bento Box making....
I found these fabulous little tools from a website called AllThingsForSale in California. All the other true Japanese Bento Box tools are from Japan and with the bad weather on the East Coast shipping to little ole Frisco Texas will take 3 weeks! California on the other hand is much quicker and
cheaper. So I found these boiled egg shapers, a bunny and bear. The funny part is even though these items are from California they are all in Japanese!!! So thank goodness there were "how to" pictures on the back. Although I still had to rely on my facebook friends to help me figure it out!!! So Day 2 is woodland animal theme....animal shaped cheese and turkey, animal shaped boiled eggs, an oat muffin with little birds cut out of fruit roll up and some edamame. A great tip is using silicone cupcake molds as dividers! They also are perfect portion size control for my little toddler!!

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