Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lions, Tigers, and Bears...Oh My!!!

Last night I saw a preview for Wizard of Oz and was inspired to do Lions, Tigers, an Bears!! We did mini hamburger sliders last night for dinner so I had those miniature little buns left over that are so darn cute. Perfect for sandwiches with cute animal faces!!! I must admit...yes this was all me. I sketched it out last night about midnight and I don't sleep much already but add being almost 6 months pregnant and it is nothing but 4-5 cat naps at night! So we have two mini-buns with a ham and turkey sandwich with cheese, I used two pieces of turkey, 1 piece of ham, and 3 cheese slices. I probably could have been more resourceful with the cheese but made a mistake so there was a little waste. I try to use the minimum amount of food and utilize each piece. Then I made the train out of cantaloupe with fruit wheels, cut out the fruit roll up words "OH MY" and added a few tomatoes along the top to keep it all nice and snug!! Right before I packed it I added some animal picks that were Alexa's idea because she said the circus train needed animals..."mamma...the train needs animalssss....duh". Yeah...duh....I am in trouble some day with this one....

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