Friday, January 28, 2011

A face only a mom could love....

Well my friends it is Friday. I must say my real job was pretty hectic this week and yesterday was a whopper. So last night at Target (pronounced Tar-jay at our house...ha) I was pleasantly pleased when Miss A wanted a mini bagel sandwich. I immediately saw big 'ol eye balls! So this took all of 10 minutes to put together, so that is a record!!! So here it is....a face only a mom could love. It has bagel ham cheese eyes, blueberry pupils, a tomato nose, natural puffed cheetos for eyebrows. The eyelashes are those grass divider things you usually see in sushi to go packages. Mmm sushi...I would kill for some sushi. Only sad thing about being pregnant. Anyway, bought those grass divider things at Shop Minoya in Plano. Nice big strawberry red lips, a pickle mouth, and yes I stuck corn for teeth....I was going to do two rows but I would have to really cut the pickle in half and that would suck. Who doesn't love a good pickle!!! haha! Happy Friday!!!


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