Thursday, April 28, 2011

Our a very very very fine house!

Well in honor of the official closing on our new house; Miss A did one of her fabulous masterpieces....a house! She did three windows, one for her, Baby Max, and mommy & daddy. We have mac and cheese on the bottom and she cut out the house and roof out of provolone cheese with a butter knife. She then used ham for the windows and the door. We have some flowers out of strawberries with these fabulous picks that look like leaves. We originally had mandarin oranges to look like the sun but when I came out Alexa was eating them! Haha. We did not have any more oranges so we replaced those with strawberries. She sometimes eats her lunch while she makes it!! Silly girl! Just like her mommy!!! We threw in some green beans because...well we need a veggie in there somewhere. Our official move day is tomorrow! Baby Max is holding up tight in my belly at 36 weeks and we are bracing ourselves to start new chapters in our lives. I hope everyone is having a great week! It is almost Friday!!!

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