Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Guardian Sphinx of Ancient Egypt...PEEP!!! Haha!

To keep Miss A's lunches relevant to her education while they are still studying about Egypt...yesterday was The Not So Great Pyramids of Pizza and today I give you....wait for it....drum roll please.....The Guardian Sphinx of Ancient Egypt Peep style!! Hee hee. Miss A is on a sandwich kick so we have a triple decker sandwich (I used an ice cream cone cookie cutter for the bread) and a layer of ham with provolone and ham and cheddar cheese. The sandwich has provolone and cheddar accents to make the headdress of the Sphinx and string cheese for his paws which really don't look like paws but..oh well. Chips for filler to squeeze it all together! Then we have some leftover chickadee PEEPS that I cut out fruit roll up headdresses for mini PeepSphinx!! Hahahaha! They really make me laugh. We have a few strawberries and tomatoes and there you have it!!! WOO HOO!!! Peep Sphinx...still makes me giggle....I'm so stupid sometimes....:)

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