Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ooh La La!

Fourth day of bed rest for me and second day of fabulousness of Miss A's bento box lunches. They are studying France in school. So fittingly she chose the Eiffel Tower! We had some chicken leftover from last night (she wanted to dye it blue for the sky, but convinced her not to...ha). With a butter knife she cut the crust off her bread for the bottom layer, she placed the chicken on top and used a veggie cutter to cut the cloud provolone cheese. She used american sliced cheese to cut the sun and Eiffel tower. I did the middle cut out but she did the outline of the tower with her butter knife. She placed the green beans for grass and for flowers she chose marshmallows from her Lucky Charms breakfast this morning!! haha. She is too funny! Ooh La La she is just too fabulous for words!!!

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