Monday, April 25, 2011

Forest creature...

Preparing to move out to our new home in Prosper this week; which definitely has more little critters then we do here in Frisco; we thought we would utilize our forest creature cookie cutter set that Miss A got from her Aunt Vicky. Although I say that and we have had two bobcats living in our drainage in front of our house for the last three weeks...good gray. Yeah that is a picture of one going back into the drainage hole. I was standing in my front yard when I took that! I keep calling animal control and they are like...we can't find them! Ummm why don't you come out around 6am and see them lounging in our neighbors yard every morning!!!! hee hee. Oh well.
Today we have a sandwich squirrel with mild cheddar and smoked ham. We have very imaginative trees with a string cheese trunk and tops of the trees are strawberries and cheez-its! We have some green bean grass and a few carrot flowers. Don't know what the bento box lunches will look like this week, we sign on our new house on Wednesday and officially move on Friday!! We may have a moving truck or moving box bento!! haha. Have a great week everyone!

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