Monday, April 4, 2011

Girly dress...

Well friends I am out of commission for a couple of more days...this over active little baby in my belly has put me into bed rest for a few days. I went to hospital Friday night and am waiting to go back to the doc on Tuesday to see what next steps are. Hopefully it is just temporary and I will be good to go with limited activity by end of the week. I am going CRAZY here in the house!! No baking, no cooking, no outings, no packing for the move....oy vey!!! So this morning Miss A took matters into her own hands....this is all her!!! She cut her sandwich, meat and cheese with the dress cookie cutter, then punched out all the polka dots on her dress. I helped her with the ruffle at the bottom, but she pulled it up and placed it on the dress and even added a neckline ruffle. She added her grapes, tomatoes, and nutri grain crisp bar. I told her we needed another vegetable so I convinced her to do carrot flowers, in which she wanted three different types of flowers. This is the ONLY way she will eat carrots!! She is such a trooper and it is so fun to watch her put it all together. Such a cutie pie! Have a great Monday!!!

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