Wednesday, February 2, 2011

House arrest = Baking time!!!

This crazy Texas weather has had me home with hubby, Miss A, and two crazy doggies for two days and it looks like it may be a third!! Oy vey!! With all this time Miss A and I like to bake to kill time. So took this time to work on a new technique and make a high heel shoe cake. Miss A made the one on the right and I made the one on the cake. I made two bows originally for the mold, but Miss A thought it needed a little bling so we used the purple jewels for middle of bows! She is pretty smart. Before you judge the bright bright pink color, please keep in mind we have been stuck in the house and had to use the limited supplies we had in the house. We had bright pink fondant obviously and luckily I had just enough gum paste to dye purple and make some flowers to contrast the bright pink! Again, this is a tester cake so I learned lots and cannot wait for the real thing!! Now the fun part....we get to eat it!! We also had some cake left over when we cut the shoe box shape so we made a little ring box for Alexa's play ring!! It was simple so we accessorized to jazz it up a bit!! haha. I used an airbrush technique. Hope everyone is staying warm out there. We are almost out of eggs so don't think there will be anymore baking until we can get to grocery store!!! My husband aka "Hungry Hank" will kill me if I use up all his breakfast eggs!! haha. Have a good one and stay warm my friends!!!

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